Alternative Care & Resource Development

The Alternative Care and Resource Development Unit is responsible for assisting our member Agencies in planning, developing and implementing culturally appropriate resources to support children, families and communities.

Major Functions of Our Unit

  • Collaborating with agencies to develop alternative care options for children and youth
  • Processing foster parent appeals and agency foster home variances
  • Assisting agencies with placement resources for children and youth
  • Supporting agencies in promoting the recruitment and retention of caregivers
  • Supporting agencies and communities in planning, developing and implementing customary care

Kinship Care, Southern Network

Kinship Care

Kinship Care is rooted in traditional connectedness between children, caregivers and community.

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Foster Care, Southern Network, Manitoba

Foster Care Appeals & Variances

A reconsideration of a child in care who has been removed from a foster home; or variances to foster home licences.

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Customary Care

Customary Care is provided in a way that recognizes and reflects the unique customs of a community.

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Placement Resources, Alternative Care, Southern Network

Placement Resources

Assisting Agencies with placement resources for children and youth.

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Agency Resource Development, Southern Netowrk

Resource Development

Supporting Agencies in the development of Agency resources.

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Alternative Care Links & Resources

Other Links

Improving  your network through programs and resources.

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