Service Support

The main purpose of the Service Support Unit is to provide support to our member Agencies, and in turn, the families, and children served by these Agencies.

Major Functions of Our Unit

  • Receive and respond to requests for information, case consults, change of Authority requests, complaint follow-up, as appropriate.
  • Review Notice of Maternities.
  • Review and approve extension of services requests (formerly known as extension of care requests), Individual Rate Adjustment Protocol requests, and assist with the Tuition Waiver Program.


The Southern Network provides an intake function and all matters are reviewed by an intake worker and followed up on accordingly.

The intake worker is typically the first point of contact when any person has inquiries, concerns, or complaints about child and family services involving our member Agencies. 

The intake worker also processes requests for changes of Authority under the Authority Determination Protocol, the Permanent Ward Transfer Protocol, and the Interprovincial Protocol.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Support & Services

Consultation services provided to Agencies regarding FASD is currently handled through intake on a case by case basis.

Transitional Planning

The Child in Care Specialist provides consultation and training to Agency staff regarding youth transitioning out of the child and family services system.

Requests for extensions of services and information on transitional planning resources, including tuition waivers are handled by the Child in Care Specialist.

Individual Rate Adjustment Protocol (IRAP)

The IRAP process was implemented to ensure frozen rates for children in care can be adjusted.

The Individual Rate Adjustment Protocol has been in effect since June 1, 2012. All requests for a special rate that fall under this protocol are processed by the Child in Care Coordinator.

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