Southern Chiefs' Organization

The Southern Chiefs’ Organization, representing 34 southern First Nation communities in Manitoba appoints the board of directors of the Southern Network.

  • We, the Chiefs of the Southern First Nations of Manitoba, hereby agree to establish an independent political forum to protect, preserve, promote, and enhance First Nations peoples’ inherent rights, languages, customs, and traditions through the application and implementation of the spirit and intent of the Treaty-making process.
    - Mission Statement, Southern Chiefs’ Organization


The Southern Chiefs’ Organization is established:

  • to assist members First Nations in the advancement and achievement of their goals as mandated by the Chiefs meeting in Summit;
  • to provide a common front for initiatives mandated by the Chiefs meeting in Summit;
  • to promote and assist member First Nations in providing good government for their First Nations;
  • to assist member First Nations in promoting and defending Treaty and aboriginal rights as mandated by the Chiefs in Summit; and
  • to assist member First Nations in holding the Crown, and holding the Federal and Provincial governments responsible for the fulfillment of their fiduciary duties and other responsibilities and obligations.

Southern Chiefs' Organization Manitoba

Message from Grand Chief Jerry Daniels

Southern Chiefs' Organization

You are all doing good work here. The young people are at the centre and we are all connected. Our sacred responsibility is to honour one another. The time will come when we won’t have to apprehend children. I believe that time is coming. My job is to support your work and good communication is the key in our work. I encourage you in the work you are doing. We need to keep our children in their homes and we need to support our families and communities. It is important to listen to one another.

(First Nations Child and Family Services Regional Meeting, Brokenhead Ojibway Nation, March 14, 2017)

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Jerry Daniels, Grand Chief, SCO Manitoba

Jerry Daniels
SCO Grand Chief

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