Southeast Child & Family Services

Agency Overview

Southeast Child & Family Services implements initiatives to empower the communities to re-establish the Anishinaabe family and child care system that is based in the values, customs, and traditions of the communities served by our Agency.

We work in partnership with the First Nations leadership to advocate for systemic changes that will enable the services to focus on family preservation, family reunification, customary and kinship care, healing of the communities, and revitalizing the structures that existed prior to the mainstream child welfare system was imposed.

Our organization has been providing services since 1982.

Southeast Child & Family Services, Manitoba

  • Our children are gifts from the Creator and we respect that we have a responsibility to support the families and communities we serves to ensure the children prosper and reach their full potential.
    - Excerpt: Vision, SECFS

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Communities We Serve 

Southeast Child and Family Services is mandated to serve the on and off-reserve children and families of the following:

  • Berens River First Nation
  • Black River First Nation
  • Bloodvein First Nation
  • Brokenhead Ojibway Nation
  • Buffalo Point First Nation
  • Hollow Water First Nation
  • Little Grand Rapids First Nation
  • Pauingassi First Nation
  • Poplar River First Nation
  • Winnipeg

The agency also offers services through our Winnipeg offices.


Programming and services offered by SECFS include:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Foster Care/ Alternative Care
  • Age of Majority
  • Child Abuse Unit
  • Family Enhancement
  • Quality Assurance

Additional Information

Additional information about us and the services we provide can be accessed by visiting the SECFS website.   

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  • The responsibility of our vision includes providing love, nurturance, protection, and instilling within the child his/her self-worth and pride with being Anishinaabe.
    - Excerpt: Vision, SECFS

We are taking care of our own.

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