Quality Assurance - Vision Keepers Unit

The Quality Assurance – Vision Keepers Unit works in collaboration with Southern Network staff and our member Agencies to monitor and ensure quality services are being provided.

Under subsection 4(2)(c) of The Child and Family Services Act (The CFS Act), as amended by section 25 of Regulation 183/2005 under The Child and Family Authorities Act, the Director and Authority both have the power to conduct enquiries and carry out investigations.     

Section 183/2005 states: “25 Under clause 4(2)(c) of The Child and Family Services Act, an authority has the power of the director to make enquiries and carry out investigations as to the welfare of a child. The director also retains that power.”

Major Functions of Our Unit

  • Conduct Quality Assurance Reviews.
  • Work collaboratively with Agencies to conduct specific program reviews.
  • Oversight of Critical Incident Reporting by our member Agencies.
  • Consultation with member Agencies to determine if an Internal Agency Review (IAR) is required.
  • Responsible for the implementation of the Phoenix Sinclair Inquiry Recommendations.
  • Oversee the implementation of recommendations from Special Investigation Reviews (SIR) and other reviews.

Quality Assurance Reviews

A specific program review or a comprehensive review of the programs and operations within one of our member Agencies may be conducted, either at the request of the Agency or as needed by the Southern Network. 

The Southern Network works collaboratively with the Quality Assurance Coordinators from each of our member Agencies to complete specific program reviews. Examples include: Service Delivery, Foster Care Programs and Abuse Programs.

Critical Incident Reporting

A review of the services provided by an Agency to a child or the family of a child who has sustained a serious injury or died while in agency care or received services within one year prior to the serious injury or death.  

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Internal Agency Reviews (IAR)

An Internal Agency Review is sometimes requested from an Agency following a Critical Incident involving a child currently involved with the Agency or who have received services within one year of the critical incident.

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Phoenix Sinclair Inquiry Recommendations

The Phoenix Sinclair Inquiry Working Group oversees the 62 recommendations outlined in the official report of the Commission of Inquiry, The Legacy of Phoenix Sinclair, Achieving the Best for All Our Children along with an additional 32 recommendations from the report, The Options for Action Report:  An Implementation Report for the Legacy of Phoenix Sinclair. 

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Other Recommendations

The Quality Assurance – Vision Keepers Unit oversees the implementation of recommendations that come from Special Investigation Review (SIR) reports, Multiple Working Group recommendations, Section 4 reviews, Inquiry or Inquests or any other Quality Assurance Reviews. 

Multiple Working Group recommendations are recommendations that are made to two or more Authorities and/or the Division.  These recommendations come from SIR reports that are completed by the Office of the Children’s Advocate soon to be Advocate for Children and Youth. 

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