Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Initiatives Unit (SIU) collaborates, advocates, and supports our 36 Southern First Nation stakeholders and its CFS agencies serving Indigenous children, youth and families who are involved within the Provincial system. Our unit works with CFS agency partners, First Nation communities and collaterals to ensure we shift and pivot under the National Standards as outlined in the 2019 Federal Act “An Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit, and Metis children, youth and families”. This shift guides our work to create innovative initiatives that promote wise prevention practices, policy adaptations, and culturally safe approaches for families through Indigenous worldviews which build healthier outcomes for children and families. The Southern First Nations Network of Care (SFNNC) is committed to bridging the gap between CFS agencies and our First Nation communities in anticipation of Indigenous Nation laws that will govern Indigenous lives, families, and communities. As we recognize the way colonial attitudes have shaped our current Provincial child welfare system, we aim to work with all stakeholders to de-colonize the system and work to continually strengthen First Nation community needs in a space where all are welcomed and heard.

Major Functions of the Unit

  • Planning, developing, and implementing innovative initiatives that align with National Standards.
  • Supporting agencies and communities in the implementation of new initiatives.
  • Collaborating with agencies to develop guiding policies and practices.
  • Collaborating with external collaterals to implement wise practice through culturally informed innovative initiatives.
  • Addressing funding pressures with provincial funders to promote substantive equality and a successful transformation of the CFS system.

  • Our Vision speaks to building upon our cultural foundations and kinship ties, such as Customary Care, which focuses on prevention and enhancing kinship ties. This is a teaching we believe will lead to better outcomes for our children, youth and families.
    - Shauna Fontaine, Communications Specialist

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