Sandy Bay Child & Family Services

Agency Overview

Sandy Bay Child and Family Services believes that all children have the right to grow up in a safe and nurturing family environment, free from abuse and neglect.

To help protect children from abuse and neglect, the agency offers a variety of child protection services, as well as preventive family support services to help keep families together.

The SCCFS Goals and Objectives include:

  • Delivering community based, community designed and community oriented child & family services
  • Strengthening families and protecting children
  • Preserving the Ojibway culture

Sandy Bay Child & Family Services, Manitoba

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Communities We Serve 

SBCFS provides programs and services in the Sandy Bay community.

Additional Information

Additional information about programs can be accessed by visiting the SBCFS website. 

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SBCFS offers a wide range of family and child support programs, including:

  • Screening and Intake Program
  • After Hours Program
  • Intake Assessment Program 
  • Abuse Intervention Program 
  • Early Intervention Program

  • Our primary objective is to deliver a child and family service program that is community based, community designed and community oriented, working toward the goal of strengthening the family, protecting children and preserving the Ojibway culture.
    - Goals & Objectives, SBCFS

We are taking care of our own.

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