Overview of Southern Network Units

Each Unit of the Southern First Nations Network of Care contributes an important component to our organization's mandate.

  • Alternative & Kinship Care, Southern Network

    Alternative Care

    The Alternative Care Unit assists our member Agencies in connecting to culturally appropriate resources to support children, families and communities.

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  • Communications Unit, Southern Networi

    Strategic Initiatives

    The Strategic Initiatives Unit is responsible for developing and managing a proactive strategy for the Southern First Nations Network of Care.

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  • Human Resources Unit, Southern Network

    Human Resources

    The Human Resources Unit assists in the development and support of best practices and employment capacity for the Southern Network and our member Agencies.

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  • Service Support Unit, Southern Network

    Service Support

    The main purpose of the Service Support Unit is to provide support to our member Agencies, and in turn, the families, and children served by these Agencies.

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  • Finance & Administration Unit, Southern Network

    Finance & Administration 

    The Finance and Administration Unit is responsible for the management of the finance and administrative functions of the Southern Network.

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  • Quality Assurance Unit, Southern Network

    Quality Assurance 

    The Quality Assurance Unit works in collaboration with Southern Network staff and our member Agencies to monitor and ensure quality services are being provided.

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