Conference: Reclaiming Our Voices 19

Conference: Reclaiming Our Voices 19

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Conference: Reclaiming Our Voices 19

West Region Child & Family Services, Inc. proudly presents Reclaiming Our Voices 19: A Gathering of Women Who Have Been Affected by Drugs, Alcohol and Family Violence.

About Reclaiming Our Voice 19

When women come together and talk, they bring their strength and wisdom.

Our grandmothers and mothers hold an especially important role in their families and communities.

They provide the nurturing, support and wisdom children need to grow into productive adults who feel confident in their abilities.

Too many women face a lifetime of abuse and pain.

Too many of us have turned to alcohol and drugs to help forget about our sadness and anger, and lost our ability to be good caregivers to our children as a result.

Many of us remember the pain of losing our mothers to drinking and drug use. It's time to break that cycle - the time for healing has begun.

Join us for Reclaiming Our Voices 19, and start the journey of healing mind, body and spirit.

Experience and learn who you are and where you come from. The creator will guide you to where you need to go, and what you need to learn. We are all born with the potential to achieve our dreams.

Conference Particulars

Location: Keeseekoowenin 61 A First Nations

Dates & Time: Sunday, July 9 | 3pm  -  Wednesday, July 12 | 12pm 

Price: $500 (includes accommodation, food and all conference materials)

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Daytime Events

  • Sunrise Pipe Ceremony
  • Sweatlodge Ceremony
  • Prayer Room

Workshops & Presenters

  • Tom Jackson
  • Travis Dugas—”Nighthawk”
  • 7 Sacred Ways of Healing
  • Medicine Bundle Teachings
  • Traditional Parenting
  • AFM Teachings
  • Song with Drum
  • Nature Walk

Evening Activities

  • Gerry Barrett
  • Josh, Josh & Tommy

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