Conversations with Kookoonaan


Not so long ago Kookoonaan (Grandmother) had a distinct role with her grandchildren. The Grandchild simply wanted to know why things were different. And they had no filter with Kookoonaan.

In the spirit of that tradition we bring you Conversations with Kookoonaan – where we look at those innocent questions that can have very significant meaning in a young child’s life and, by extension, everyone’s life. They are innocent thoughts asked through the eyes of a child and answered through the wise eyes of Kookoonaan.

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Conversations with Kookoonaan

What is an Elder?

Kookoonaan helps to understand the meaning of an Elder

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Is it important to have a family?

Kookoonaan speaks of family, a strong community and the foundation of our peoples' teachings.

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Grandma, what do you love most about this world?

A child learns how much she is loved and protected.

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Why does my friend have different parents?

Kookoonaan answers questions from a child about parents, customs and our Seven Teachings.

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