Grandma, what do you love most about this world?

Grandma, what do you love most about this world?

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A child learns how much she is loved and protected.

Q. Grandma, what do you love most about this world?

A. I love you the most, my dear.

Q. Why me?

A. Because my world revolves around you. (Little girl looks perplexed.)

You are my love and our people are taught and that love is the most powerful teaching and emotion that we have.

Q. Why is that?

A. My love of you is so powerful that I would do everything in my power to nurture that and at the same time protect it.

Q. Protect from what?

A. From people who do not have that love teaching in their heart. Ones that have hate in their heart  and would want to hurt you.

Q. How would you find out if they have hate in their heart?

A. I would call upon the other teachings. It starts with finding the truth... Then being honest with it... Then taking another look at it with the family... Then taking it to the wise ones, the elders... Then we would truly see if that love exists.

Then we would muster all the courage we have as a family and defend your precious little heart with that power. We would fight for you until that person with hate in their heart understands the power of love. Understands love of the family and is willing to respect that love.

Thank you Kookoonaan.   

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