Core Competencies

To perform the job successfully, individuals who are employed by the Southern Network and our member agencies should demonstrate the specific core competencies which incorporate the Seven Teachings.

In addition to demonstrating the core competencies related to the Seven Teachings, individuals applying for a career with Southern Network or our Member Agencies should demonstrate an ability to apply a First Nations perspective to their work:

People management, communication and problem solving skills, commitment, client service, initiative, teamwork, integrity, responsibility, and flexibility.

  • Many Aboriginal organizations and communities have adopted the 7 guiding principles – or Seven Teachings – in one form or another, as a moral stepping stone and cultural foundation. At Southern Network, we look for the core competencies related to the Seven Teachings to be present in anyone considering a career with us or our Member Agencies.
    - Elder, Elder Council

Please click on the title of each of the Seven Teachings below to view the related competencies.

  • Love | 7 TeachingsLove

    Shows an understanding of others and their needs by demonstrating compassion and adjusting his/her style to fit the situation and people.
    Demonstrates: People Management

  • Respect | 7 TeachingsRespect

    Builds relationships with internal or external collaterals by soliciting input, focusing on their needs, responding quickly and following through on commitments.
    Demonstrates: Customer Focus

  • Courage | 7 Teachings Courage

    Continuously seeks opportunities to improve systems by taking initiative and risks, and championing new ideas even in the face of change and uncertainty.
    Demonstrates: Initiative

    Consistently persists in the face of obstacles, takes action to do whatever it takes to get the job done to reach high personal goals and standards.
    Demonstrates: Commitment

    Monitors the progress of work to meet deadlines even under stress and pressure through planning and prioritizing.
    Demonstrates: Performance

    Initiates creative planning and thinks outside the box.
    Advocates for change.

  • Honesty | 7 Teachings Honesty

    Demonstrates effective communication by sharing information, asking questions, listening to responses and explaining ideas clearly and concisely.
    Demonstrates: Communication

    Acts with good intentions by telling the truth, taking responsibility and following through on his/her commitments
    Demonstrates: Integrity & Reliability

    Ability to effectively represent the organization.

  • Wisdom | 7 Teachings Wisdom

    Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the Child and Family Services system in Manitoba, particularly in the context of Aboriginal communities.
    Demonstrates: Business / Industry Knowledge

    Knowledge, awareness and respect of Aboriginal culture, language, traditions, and practices.

  • Humility | 7 Teachings Humility

    Creates an environment that fosters collaboration while still contributing his/her own portion and sharing credit freely with the team.
    Demonstrates: Teamwork

    Is readily able to adapt to changing circumstances or conditions within a variety of situations, and with various individuals or groups.
    Demonstrates: Flexibility

  • Truth | 7 Teachings Truth

    Gathers relevant information, recognizing patterns and themes in the data, generates and considers multiple alternatives and makes decisions in a timely manner.
    Demonstrates: Problem Solving

    Analytical and critical thinker.

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