• Creating safe, caring and loving environments for our children.

    Our goal is to ensure that every child in the care of our member Agencies has the opportunity to learn, the freedom to grow and the structure to live responsibly – in good health and spirit.

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Latest Announcement:   Southern Chiefs' Organization and Southern Network are recruiting for a Human Resources Manager

Booshoo, Tansi, Aneen, Ha Ho and Welcome to the Southern First Nations Network of Care.

In partnership with our member Agencies, the Southern First Nations Network of Care is responsible for the management of child and family services to First Nations children and families throughout Manitoba. Our goal is to ensure that children, families and communities in need have the support they require to promote healthy growth and long-term wellness.

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The Power of Caring

Collectively, we are a "network of care" that is rooted in the traditional philosophy of collectiveness.

  • About Southern Network of Care
  • About Southern Network

    Responsible for the establishment and management of a province-wide child & family service delivery system.

  • Member Agencies

    Collaborating with Member Agencies to deliver child and family services in our communities.

  • Departmental Units

    Each departmental unit contributes an important component towards supporting our mandate.

    • Our work is extensive and we continue to face many challenges. Every person has gifts and when we bring our gifts together, Creator shows us the answers. This is how we will work together to strengthen and restore our sacred circles, our children and our future.
      - Kent Brown, Director of Human Resources
    • Many Aboriginal organizations and communities have adopted the 7 guiding principles – or Seven Teachings – in one form or another, as a moral stepping stone and cultural foundation. At Southern Network, we look for the core competencies related to the Seven Teachings to be present in anyone considering a career with us or our Member Agencies.
      - Elder, Elder Council

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Human Resources Manager - Southern Chiefs' Organization

The Southern Chiefs’ Organization (SCO) requires a Human Resources Manager to support Southern Chiefs’ Organization and the Southern First Nations Network of Care (SFNNC)

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Southern Network Virtual Annual General Meeting – March 11, 2021

Southern Network Virtual Annual General Meeting – March 11, 2021

Southern First Nations Network of Care is pleased to invite you to our Annual General Meeting.

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News Release: Restoring the Sacred Bond Community Launch

News Release: Restoring the Sacred Bond Community Launch

The Southern First Nations Network of Care (SFNNC) and Wiijii’idiwag Ikwewag invites you to a sacred feast and ceremony to honour and bless it’s new initiative, Restoring the Sacred Bond.

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Key Initiatives of the Southern Network

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RSB LogoRestoring the Sacred Bond

The Restoring the Sacred Bond Initiative seeks to improve maternal and child health, build strengths, cultural identity, and social outcomes in Manitoba's First Nations communities through access to culturally grounded birth helpers for expectant mothers receiving services from our member Agencies.

Visit the Restoring the Sacred Bond Website

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