Agency Finance

The Agency Monitoring and Support Unit provides support to our member Agencies.

Specific responsibilities include:
  • Monitors compliance with related financial reporting requirements of funding agreements, legislation, regulations and policies.
  • Participates in financial reviews.
  • Assists in resolving child maintenance billing issues.
  • Addresses agency funding model gaps and deficiencies through participation on the Regional  Advisory Committee and directly advocating with Manitoba Families and INAC.
  • Allocates and monitors funding to identify issues such as surpluses/deficits, cash flow issues, working capital requirements and financial capacity
  • Provides administrative support and works in collaboration with Finance Directors for Agency Relations meetings.
  • Participates in recruitment and retention of Finance Directors.
  • Develops “best practices” policies, procedures and training for child maintenance, financial processing and reporting.
  • Assists in development financial reporting formats to address financial reporting requirements.
  • Maintains a web portal and a shared drive to access forms and other common financial information.
  • Funding the development of priority projects such as the Child Maintenance Billing System.

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