Authority Finance & Administration

The Finance Unit oversees Financial and Administrative functions for the Southern First Nations Network of Care.

Finance Functions 

The Finance and Administration Unit manages the following functions:

  • Ensures compliance with:
    • applicable legislation, regulations and policies; 
    • financial reporting requirements of funding agreements with third parties;
    • Canadian public sector accounting standards; 
    • requirements of the Board of Directors’ by-laws; and  Southern Network financial and administrative policies.
  • Co-ordinates with external auditors and/or reviewers to provide requested information, management responses to and follow up of audit recommendations.

Administration Functions

Records management system:

  • Facilities issues.
  • Payroll systems.
  • Pension and benefits.
  • Insurance issues
  • Develops appropriate financial and administrative policies, procedures and internal controls for financial processing and reporting of transactions.
  • Ensures proper controls over the custody, security and authorized use of assets.
  • Addresses Authority funding model gaps and deficiencies through participation on the Regional Advisory Committee and directly advocating with Manitoba Families and INAC.
  • Utilizes a proactive cash management system to plan the timing and amounts of cash flows to avoid any cash flow deficiencies, identify potential funding requirements and investment options for surplus funds.
  • Develops reporting formats to address financial reporting requirements of users.
  • Uses an integrated financial processing and reporting system.
  • Provides administrative support, financial reports and recommendations to the Audit and Finance Committee.
  • Prepares budget, interim financial statements, audited financial statements and ad hoc reports for  senior management, the Audit and Finance Committee, funders and other users.
  • Provides internal financial management reports and support to managers.
  • Develops future capacity of the Unit to facilitate the transfer of responsibility for child maintenance billings to the Southern Network.

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