Training Workshops

All training workshops offered by Southern Network are available for all staff, support staff and foster parents of our Member Agencies.

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Training Series By Category

  • Case Management Training, Southern Network CFS

    Case Management Training

    Knowledge and skill development workshops for front line case workers.

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  • Supervisor Training, Southern Network CFS

    Supervisor Training

    Core-competency training for Supervisors and Program Managers.

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  • CFSA Training, Southern Network CFS

    CFSA Training

    Training for Case Workers managing Child & Family Services applications.

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  • Foster Care Training, Southern Network CFS

    Foster Care Training

    Designed for front line staff working in Foster Care Resource Departments.

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  • JTT Training, Southern Network CFS

    JTT Training

    Training initiatives co-ordinated by all four Authorities and the Province.

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  • General CFS Training, Southern Network

    General Training

    Basic, skill-based training for anyone associated with a member Agency.

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