Restoring the Sacred Bond Aims to Prevent Child Welfare Apprehensions

Restoring the Sacred Bond Aims to Prevent Child Welfare Apprehensions

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Restoring the Sacred Bond Aims to Prevent Child Welfare Apprehensions

The Southern First Nations Network of Care (Southern Network) in Manitoba, which mandates 10 agencies – nine of which are First Nations agencies – to protect children, provide culturally appropriate services and preserve families in their communities, is launching its Restoring the Sacred Bond initiative.

Source: The Graphic Leader

The initiative is an early intervention program aimed at reducing the number of newborn child welfare apprehensions and days that young children are spending in the care of child welfare. Vancouver-based RedMane Technology Canada is helping the Southern Network implement mCase, RedMane’s modern case management and mobility solution, for the delivery of services and the gathering and analysis of performance outcome metrics.

“We are partnering with RedMane Technology Canada to bring our caseworkers state-of-the-art capabilities so we can better serve mothers and children,” says Tara Petti, CEO of the Southern Network. “This is a ground-breaking program that will track and at the same time offer prenatal and postnatal support to at risk mothers and children.”

mCase will allow caseworkers to conveniently complete intakes and assessments, work collaboratively on case plans, and offer and track services for mothers and children. With mCase, caseworkers can easily collaborate across agencies to fully coordinate services and resources within the Southern Network.

“We are pleased to partner with the Southern Network on this most important of efforts,” says Tony Lakier, RedMane Technology LLC’s president. “Their work is inspiring, and we are excited to bring our expertise to help them with their family-focused mission. mCase is a wonderful fit for the Southern Network’s needs.”

mCase will provide reports and dashboards to track progress and performance outcomes. This will allow specialists to refine their strategies, target their efforts, and provide early intervention. It will also facilitate the integrity and transparency of the measurement and reporting of performance outcome metrics.

About Southern First Nations Network of Care (Southern Network)

The Southern Network is responsible for the mandating of agencies to provide child and family services to First Nations children and families throughout Southern Manitoba. Its goal is to ensure that children, families and communities in need have the support they require to promote healthy growth and long-term wellness.

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