Welcome to Our Home!

Welcome to Our Home!

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Welcome to Our Home!

After 15 years of the Southern First Nations Network of Care has found a place to call home.

It rises like a “Phoenix of Hope” on the Western Prairie in the heart of Traditional Treaty One territory; more specifically on the Swan Lake First Nation Treaty Land. It is a sight that calls to you and cannot be missed from the beginning of the Trans-Canada Highway heading west.

So it is with great anticipation that the Elders, Board, Management and Staff welcomed the people to the very first gathering/open house on May 17th 2017. Our Elders Council blessed the land, the offices, and the staff in the morning. Their hearts spoke to a vision that foresees a future of well-being where all children are brought home to their parents, people, and traditions. They realize it will not come over night but with their guidance and the continued hard work of the Southern Network and our member Agencies, It is a shining dream on the horizon!

As is our tradition, Prayers were sent up and a Feast for the people was prepared. All that shared in the Feast also shared in the common vision that is the Southern Network. It is guided by the Seven Teachings where the vision of the Buffalo guides it’s path; a path of Respect that speaks to returning the people back to their traditions; to feasting and sharing of hope; to celebrating all of our 36 First Nations that we represent; and a return to Healthy, Strong, empowered communities where an enhanced quality of life will emerge. This is the dream that the Elders spoke of.

The Elders words of compassion and respect are an inspiration for us to follow. This is where we expect to be in 15 years!!!

Meegwetch, Wapido, Ekosi

We are taking care of our own.

If you would like to learn more about our organization, the services we provide or our member agencies, please feel free to start a conversation.

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