Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Skills Training

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Skills Training

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CATEGORY: Case Management Training

The Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) developed the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training (NVCI) in the late 1960’s. It is a highly recommended and well-recognized national and international workshop that teaches basic proven crisis intervention techniques to defuse disruptive and assaultive behavior. The workshop consists of interactive lecture with activities.

A CPI certification card is issued to each participant and is valid for 1 year.


Some of the topics in this workshop include:

  • How to identify behaviors that could lead to a crisis.
  • How to respond to prevent the situation from escalating
  • How to use verbal and nonverbal techniques to resolve a crisis before it becomes violent
  • How to use principles of personal safety to avoid injury if behavior becomes physical
  • How to develop team intervention strategies and techniques
  • How to maintain rapport with the acting-out individual
  • Key steps for debriefing after a crisis

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Cancellation Policy

Due to the high demand for spaces for these trainings, please inform us of your cancellation as soon as possible (no later than 48 hours prior to your session), by either yourself or your supervisor so that your reserved space can be used by someone else.


Please ensure you alter your schedule accordingly so that you are able to attend the entire training. Depending on the training workshop, we do have long standby lists and we want to ensure all spots are utilized.


A certificate of completion will be mailed or given to the participant when the training session is completed. Electronic copies will be emailed to the Supervisor who signed off the registration form and/ or Agency Training Coordinator. If a participant does not complete a session as the result of being absent or significantly late, a certificate will not be provided.

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