Joint Training Team

Southern Network is a member of Joint Training Team which also includes the three CFS Authorities of Manitoba, as well as the province of Manitoba. 

In 2006, through the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry – Child Welfare Initiative (AJI-CWI), the initial staffing and development of the Joint Training Unit (JTU) began. 

In 2007, the JTU was officially established through funding under the Changes for Children Initiative. 

Situated in one centralized location in Winnipeg, the JTU included a full complement of staff representing all four Child and Family Services Authorities and Manitoba Family Services.

In July 2009, the JTU transitioned to a decentralized delivery approach with each member based at their respective employing body, but continuing to function as a collaborative team.  As such, in December 2009, the name of the unit was changed from the JTU to the Joint Training Team (JTT).  

Joint Training Team Members

Metis Child & Family Services Authority
Southern First Nations Network of Care
First Nations of Northern Manitoba
General Child and Family Services Authority
Government of Manitoba, CFS Division


A professional, qualified, skilled workforce providing enhanced quality services and care for children and families.


The mission of the JTT is to work collaboratively to develop, coordinate, implement, and evaluate education and training opportunities, as well as curricula, which is culturally appropriate where applicable, for staff and caregivers in the child and family services system. 

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